Broke AF

Growing an economy where working young people get power and profit

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It’s not hard to see what’s wrong with the economy – rich bankers and landlords inside Wall Street, real estate empires, (and now the federal government, oof) set up a system to make themselves richer off our soaring student debt, gouged rent payments, and dead-end gigs.

They made our generation of working people, low income communities, and people of color Broke AF. But that system only works if we lie down. So we’re standing up.

Broke AF is about building a new economy that works for us because we own it.

That means a community commitment to zero undergrad student debt, communities setting the cost of rent, and workplace democracy where workers have a seat at the table and a stake in the profits.

A Community Owned Economy


Nobody gets rich off college students going broke

  • Undergrad tuition is guaranteed free to high school grads at public colleges, universities, or vocational schools in their states.
  • Total student loan payments are capped at 125% of their original loan.
  • Debt-holders get help finding ways out with community-based loan repayment counselors to help with financial literacy & enroll them in income-based repayment & other repayment programs.


Nobody gets rich off tenants going broke

  • Beefed up publicly owned apartments, housing co-ops, and community land trusts provide affordable homes so the working class can save.
  • Rents can’t get wildly raised – with a neighborhood-based ceiling on rent increases, or requirements that landlords pay moving costs from no-cause evictions or drastic rent hikes.


Every worker shares in the profit & the power

  • Workers get real power in corporate governance, and the government gives a boost to worker-owned business, and businesses that share profits with all workers.
  • Money gets spread around with publicly-guaranteed savings for every American and fair taxes on extreme wealth.

How we’re making it happen

Young people don’t wait for the arc of history to bend. We grab onto it and pull it toward justice.

Wins for Community Ownership

We pass cutting-edge economic policies in our states and cities, help show their success to the country, and then fan the flames until they spread like wildfire.

People Powered Pressure

We raise organizer armies of young leaders riled up on these issues who show up, and make politicians pay attention and prioritize our policies.

Protecting What We’ve Got

And we kick the pampered butts of any Mr. Monopoly types who come for what little we have left in our wallets.

Big Wins For Broke AF

America’s first $15 minimum wage law

Our affiliate, the Washington Bus brought their youth organizing power to help win the SeaTac city ballot measure that sparked the nationwide Fight for $15.

Community-Owned Clean Energy

Outspent 11-to-1, affiliate New Era Colorado beat one of America’s largest private energy companies at the ballot to make Boulder, CO the first U.S. city to municipalize their energy to get off coal.
Led by New Era Colorado

“A Bunch Of Young Geniuses Just Made A Corrupt Corporation Freak Out Big Time” —

Minimum Wage Increases Across the Country

Throwing down with state coalitions, affiliates Chicago Votes, the Washington Bus, Next Up, and New Era Colorado all brought youth voices and boots on the ground to raise the minimum wage statewide.

Affordable Housing Levies

Facing huge housing crises, affiliates the Washington Bus and the Oregon Bus Project knocked on doors and made phone calls by the thousands to win more funding to house working class & low-income families.