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+1 the Polls

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What is +1 the Polls?

The Alliance for Youth Organizing, Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, and Campus Vote Project have come together in partnership with MTV to expand voting access on college, university, and community college campuses across the country. 

This is your one-stop-shop to understand why voter access on campus is important, how you can get involved in this work, and what resources are available to accelerate your work. 

COVID-19 Related Resources

We Can Vote

We Can Vote is a nonpartisan resource center that provides regularly updated information and opportunities for each of us to do our part in making the 2020 elections safe, secure, and successful.

Work Elections

Work Elections offers a solution to one of the main obstacles to poll worker recruitment: a lack of information and access for a representative and qualified population. This tool collects and centralizes information on poll worker requirements and applications for seven states’ local election jurisdictions and also includes a handful of statewide applications for other states.

Vote at Home Institute

A nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization, the National Vote at Home Institute is dedicated to ensuring the security of our elections and putting voters’ needs first. The resource linked here provide resources for activists, researchers, journalists and others who need quick access to reference material on the topic of Vote at Home.

Get Resources

Plus 1 the polls toolkit


The Alliance, SLSV Coalition, and CVP work with young people who are organizing in their communities for more and easier access to our democracy. This work has led to the development of a toolkit that is an accessible and useful guide to place or protect voting sites on your campus. You can receive the toolkit by email by providing some brief information through the link below.

Plus one the polls webinars


The Alliance, SLSV Coalition, and CVP will also conduct webinars. Once you have provided us with your contact information in the Google Form above in the “Get Involved and Get Resources” section, you will receive information for each webinar via email. Webinars will feature experienced organizers who will share their successes and challenges securing voting sites on campus and how to engage with critical partners on the ground. Find the recordings and slides of the webinars here.

 office hours

Office Hours

Once you have signed up to receive the +1 the Polls Toolkit, you will be invited to sign up for our Office Hours. While the toolkit is an excellent resource to get you started, you may have more questions. Experienced members of our team will be available for 30-minute conversations with organizers each week. Once you have completed an Office Hours session, you will become eligible to apply for financial resources to support your work through our mini-grant program!

Poll Defender Minigrants

We know that passion drives success for young organizers across the country, and that voting access on campuses is a critical issue for us all. We also understand that sometimes passion isn’t enough to make change happen. For this reason, we have created a minigrant program to provide an opportunity for students, organizations, and organizers to get financial support to expand voting access on campuses.

Get Connected

Already doing this work? Get Connected! If you are currently working to place or protect voting sites on campus, we want to connect with you! Please fill out the interest form below so that we can send you the toolkit and make sure your efforts are linked with the nationwide effort to expand voting access on college, university, and community college campuses across the country.

Once you are connected to the initiative, we will contact you with further information to sign up for Office Hours, to discuss the potential to support your work with financial resources, and more!

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