9,094 voters registered on National Voter Registration Day!

This week, we celebrated the largest National Voter Registration Day ever! The Alliance network  threw down on Tuesday to register young voters across the country and empower our generation to turn out on Election Day.

On National Voter Registration Day, 13 organizations from our network registered…are you ready for it…9,094 voters! And we are still counting final voter reg numbers from folks.

National Voter Registration Day was a whirlwind of a day. In addition to registering the hell out of young people, our network also had a digital reach of 1.6 million  impressions.

Here are a few of our favorite highlights from our network, check us out!

  • Hillary Clinton gave the Alliance, MOVE Texas, Leaders Igniting Transformation, and New Era Colorado some love on Twitter. Wow!
  • Minnesota Youth Collective and Engage Miami worked with RISE to Win to register voters alongside the MN Twins and the Miami Dolphins! Go team, GO!
  • Forward Montana brought out the dogs and vote goats for an epic NVRD event. Who let the dogs out? Forward Montana!
  • LIT blessed us with this iconic tweet
  • MOVE Texas crushed their voter registration record last year by registering 5,375 voters! Everything is BIGGER with MOVE Texas!
  • Even the Alliance staff got in the field Tuesday to register voters in Baltimore!

Want to see more? For a full rundown of what happened in the field on National Voter Registration Day, check out our Instagram Story here.

Thank you for celebrating the democracy heroes in our network who register voters every single day and then turn all the way up on National Voter Registration Day each year. This is what young people’s political power looks like.