Uniting young people.
Growing an

We are a nationwide network of organizations building political power of young people, and the premier youth vote vehicle in the United States.

We are local young people’s organizations joining together to make each other – and our entire movement – stronger.

We are Building a Movement

Of Young

We entice millions of young voters into our sweet democracy. Where young voters are unregistered, we register them. Where young people aren’t sure if they’ll vote, we convince them.

By Young

We develop tomorrow’s leaders by empowering them to lead today. Our local organizations are run top to bottom by young people. Our national team answers to those young locals, because supporting each other gets the work done.

For All

We transform our voting systems so that they work for every American citizen. We drive innovative economic policies that put more money in the pockets of regular people. We fight for justice, democracy, and sustainability. And we win.

The best of Alliance vote mobilization

National Voter Registration Day



The Alliance for Youth Organizing founded National Voter Registration Day, which has registered over 1.4 million people to vote since 2012.

On-the-ground Voter Registration Drives



The Alliance for Youth Organizing has run on-the-ground voter registration drives that have added 385,895 young people to the rolls in key states since 2008.

Voting Innovation

The American Voter Guide

Distributed over 1.5 million voter guides in key elections in 2016.

Election Protection Text Message Hotline

Helped thousands of young voters find their polling places & work through voting problems over SMS.

Parades to the Polls

Drum corps-accompanied parades to the polls

Tricked out Golf Cart Rides to Vote

Golf carts operating on campuses as shuttles to polling sites.

Student Voter Day

Held in concert with college administrators and county election offices, to bring early vote sites on campus.


The lowest-tech high-tech player on the democracy scene.

This Stuff Works

In 2016 in Colorado, young voters (under 30) we worked with turned out at a rate of 82%, compared to just 60% for their registered peers statewide.

The greatest hits of Alliance policy wins

Winning LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinances in some of America’s most conservative states

Led by Forward Montana and MOVE Texas

Beating a multinational energy company to give the Boulder power supply back to the people & get off coal

Led by New Era Colorado

Exacting local police accountability measures like transparency around Stop and Frisk and body cameras.

Credit to Chicago Votes and MOVE Texas

Leading a diverse coalition to pass America’s First Automatic Voter Registration Law

Led by the Next Up

Winning Online and Election Day Voter Registration around the country

Led by New Era Colorado, Next Up, and Chicago Votes

Helping pass America’s $15 minimum wage in SeaTac

Courtesy of the Washington Bus

The Origin Story

Back in the day, the Alliance for Youth Organizing was called the Bus Federation.

It began as grassroots young people’s organizations united to support each other, raise resources together, and learn from each other’s best ideas. Our earliest affiliates named the national network after one of their earliest shared programs – “Bus Trips” taken to knock on doors for progressive causes. As our network pivoted into winning national issue campaigns and supporting locally rooted youth organizing everywhere, we found a new identity to match our newer, bigger mission…and “the Alliance” was born!