Democracy Done Right

Building the voting system for all Americans

Oregon Governor Kate Brown bill signing at Next Up office

America is a big, brilliantly diverse nation that sets the pace for the world.

So why is our voting system better fit for 19th century white landowners?

When a modern nation holds outdated elections, it wastes millions of dollars, undermines voter confidence, and denies a ton of eligible citizens their sacred right to democracy.

Democracy Done Right is about fixing all that. The campaign is based on a simple idea: Every citizen should be automatically registered to vote, get to cast their ballot in a secure, accessible way that fits their needs, and never ever have their right to vote taken away for any reason.

An election system for modern America


Every eligible citizen is registered and up-to-date.

  • Automatically register every eligible citizen at state agencies like the DMV.
  • Automatically update voters’ addresses when they move.
  • Let citizens register and update online.
  • Allow pre-registration starting at age 16.
  • Give citizens a secure opportunity to register & vote on Election Day.
  • Guaranteed full-service voter registration on college campuses.


Every eligible citizen can choose the best voting option for them.

  • Mail every voter a ballot, with return postage paid & lots of convenient drop boxes.
  • Voters can cast ballots anywhere in their county at user-optimized vote centers.
  • Voters have a few weeks of early vote, including on Saturday and Sunday.
  • In-person voting locations are convenient for all voters, including having voting locations on college campuses.


No citizen ever loses their voting rights.

  • Legal history has no effect on a citizen’s right to vote.
  • Politicians are blocked from enacting policies that curtail the right to vote.

How we’re making it happen

The Alliance turns ideal, innovative reforms like Automatic Voter Registration into viral, inevitable policies across the nation.

Helping pro-voter policies spread

We give local organizations tools and support to spread pro-voter policies between communities. These wins move the middle on voting rights so reforms that were once longshots move to the top of the agenda.

Chicago Votes at press conference

Working with local election administrators

We lay the groundwork for great reforms by working with local election administrators to protect and expand convenient youth voting options, regardless of who controls the state government.

MOVE Texas organizers holding up signs that say Democracy from the Ground Up

Protecting progress

All the while, we protect the progress of our foremothers and forefathers by lifting up local youth organizing power to block federal voting restrictions with in-state political pressure and cover to hold the line on voting rights.

Big Wins For Democracy Done Right

America’s First Automatic Voter Registration Law

Starting in 2009, our affiliate Next Up began a campaign to register voters automatically at state agencies like the DMV. In 2015, they won – sparking a series of AVR reforms around the country.

“During the 2008 election, the Bus Project registered 23,000 new voters [but] couldn’t stop thinking about all the people it didn’t reach. After the election, the group’s organizers sat down and thought about how to get rid of voter registration as it currently exists.” – The Nation Magazine

Early Online Voter Registration Laws

Over a decade ago, affiliates New Era Colorado and Next Up helped trigger a new wave of online voter registration victories that helped make it the mainstream policy of today.

New Era Colorado
Chicago Votes

Bringing Election Day Voter Registration & Online Voter Registration to Illinois

Taking on an entrenched political machine that made Illinois’s elections among the most famously corrupt in the country, affiliate Chicago Votes led a winning coalition for big pro-voter reforms.

Keeping Student Polling Places on College Campuses

As the right to vote has come under attack in the country, affiliates Forward Montana, MOVE San Antonio, Next Up, and New Era Colorado have successfully preserved on-campus access to the ballot.

“Gallatin County Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to move the election precinct covering most of Montana State University from a church off campus to a gym on campus [prompted] when Forward Montana staff, a progressive civic engagement group, began to criticize voters’ accessibility to the county’s southern polling location…” – Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Driving students to polls in a golf cart

Voter Pre-Registration for 16 and 17-year-olds

Allowing high-school aged Americans to pre-register to vote is one of the most effective ways to create lifelong voters. Which is why affiliates New Era Colorado & the Next Up fought for & won it.

Get in the Fight

Start organizing your AVR campaign today

We can see the voting system America deserves. We can almost taste it. It’s just over that mountain! But we need your help to get there.

If you’re interested in joining or supporting the Democracy Done Right campaign, e-mail