Our Vote.Our Future.

Pumping up young people power in elections

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From the American Revolution, to the Civil Rights Movement, to Women’s Liberation, united young people change the world.

From the streets, to hearing rooms, to the ballot box, we join together to prove our power.

The Alliance for Youth Action connects voter engagement with collective advocacy and action to form a full circuit of civic strength.

Young Voter Engagement by the Boatload


National Voter Registration Day

We founded National Voter Registration Day in 2012 to make sure every American knows where and when to register before it’s too late. Now we support youth power organizations coast to coast to hold huge celebrations of the holiday and build their strength to run huge voter registration drives year round.

Year Round Civic Engagement

We know that talking to Americans, on the ground, face-to-face is the best way to bring more voters in and help them discover their power. So we do a ton of it. We empower local organizations to register hundreds of thousands of new voters every election cycle, and turn them out come election time.

Going to Bat for the Ballot

If you want our generation to vote, you need to make the case why it matters. So we lift up the examples of our generation turning out in record numbers and winning real progress. We connect elections and issues for young voters & then connect those voters to the ballot.

A look back at turning up the vote

Ran on-the-ground voter registration drives that have added 385,895 young people to the rolls in key states since 2008.

Founded National Voter Registration Day, which has registered over 1.4 million people to vote since 2012.

Innovated at every step of young voter engagement. We’ve created

  • Costumed voter registration drives
  • Text-message-based election protection hotline
  • Drum corps-accompanied parades to the polls
  • Golf carts operating on campuses as shuttles to polling sites
  • Student Voter Day, held in concert with college administrators and county election offices, to bring early vote sites on campus
  • VoteBot – the lowest-tech high-tech player on the democracy scene.

Get in the Fight

Are you a youth-led organization that wants to run a fab National Voter Registration Day or civic engagement drive? Or do big turnout in your community? Do you want to help support a young team to do that? Hit up info@allianceforyouthorganizing.org.